Wanna reduce your debt? Start cooking!

kitchenIn my previous post, I mentioned that we spent nearly $750 on eating out last month, on top of the $77.17 we spent on groceries. August was an incredibly busy month for me, so the Mr. had to pick up the slack around the house, leaving us with no time (or energy, for that matter) to spend grocery shopping or cooking at home.

Now that I’m done school and I’m back to a normal Monday – Friday, 40 hour work week schedule, I fully plan on doing a whole lot of cooking and packed lunches. Not only is it (usually) healthier, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper too. I looooove cooking (although I despise cleaning after), but what I REALLY love is eating really really good food.

So although this is a personal finance blog, I will be sharing my food adventures here too, because a) I know it’ll help us get out of debt so much faster and b) who doesn’t love good food?!

(No that is not a picture of my kitchen, just a really gorgeous one that makes me drool with envy!)


3 thoughts on “Wanna reduce your debt? Start cooking!

  1. Cooking can indeed save a lot of money. I am a hopeless cook so I tend to make things like simmered vegetables or cut up a salad. Cooking at its most basic for me. Quite some time ago I cut my food budget and, to my surprise, realised some months later that I was feeling healthier. Cutting the food budget forced me to give more thought to what I was actually eating leading to a small modification in my diet eventually leading to better health.


    • Yeah, I started meal planning + food budgeting at the same time, and I know we’re definitely eating more balanced meals! It’s still hard to eat enough fruits and veggies but it does help us not overeat meat (which is really what drives our grocery bill up!)


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