Dining Out: Moxies

Last week, I had (yet) another bridesmaid meeting for an upcoming bridal shower. The BMs voted for Moxies, so who was I to protest?

We met at the Fairview Mall location at Don Mills and Sheppard, right off the 404/DVP. I hate having to pick my meals off the menu (or worse still, seeing the menu for the first time when I get seated), so like any Eager Beaver, I checked out their menu online first.

Unfortunately (and this is what I don’t like about Moxies), nothing tickled my fancy. Finally, after an incredibly long period of deliberation at the table (the server didn’t seem too hurried to take our orders), I settled on the Mustard & Dill Salmon.

While the salmon itself wasn’t bad and the side sauces were intriguing, I did not enjoy whatever topping they had laid on top of it and I found the portion to be incredibly small.

Although I don’t usually order dessert (because the meals are usually substantial enough that I’m too full….), I impulsively ordered a bite of the white chocolate brownie, which is just their smaller version of the full-sized brownie. Maybe I’m hard to impress, but while it wasn’t mind-blowing, it hit the spot just right.


I didn’t bother taking any pictures, so this is one I got off Google images. This is their full-sized version of the white chocolate brownie.

One other point: I can’t stand when lights are super dim in restaurants. I know, I know. Romantic mood lighting, but I kept wanting to fall asleep.

The bill came up to $38.01 after tax and tip.

Verdict: Skip. You can get an entire fillet for less than $38.01 and create something tastier at home.


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