Dining Out: Joey

This evening, I met up with my other bride who’s getting married in 2 months. She picked the Markville location of Joey, and so although I’ve never been much of a Joey fan either, I obliged.

I mentioned in my previous post that I always prefer to look up menus online and pre-select my order – just seems like so much pressure to choose only one meal while the entire table’s waiting for you ūüėČ Today was no different, but¬†similar to Moxies, I just couldn’t pick something ahead of time.

When I got to the restaurant, my dear friend strongly recommended the Sashimi Tuna salad, and since I can never get my fill of sushi, I decided to try it. $19 is steep for a salad in my opinion, even if it does include tuna sashimi, but especially since I’m not one of those girls who (normally) order salads when I go out, and definitely¬†not as a main entree. I asked our server to hold the peanuts since I’m not a fan, so my salad came with seared raw Ahi tuna, mango chunks, avocado, a few crispy noodles and drizzled with cilantro ginger dressing.


Overall, the flavours were nice, and it was generally an enjoyable salad, although unsurprisingly I wasn’t full by the end. Would I pay $19 to eat this salad again? Likely not, but then again, neither am I likely to order a salad as a main anytime in the near future.

After our meal, the server presented us with the dessert menu, and we both were eyeing the molten lava cake, although at $8.50, I was apprehensive. We decided to split one (and I decided to forgo taking a picture because my friend had teased me when I snapped a pic of the salad) and so I leave you with their stock photo off their website instead.


Yes, it was everything I would expect, and yes, it was perfectly moltony gooey goodness in the inside, but at $8.50, I think that was way overpriced, especially considering how easy it is to make at home!

My friend grabbed the bill and refused to let me pay (said it was in celebration of me finally finishing school), but after tax and tip, my meal would have likely home up to around $36.

Unlike Moxies, however, I did like the atmosphere better; although it was dim overall, our table had almost a spotlight overhead, which I preferred much better.

Verdict: Skip.¬†At $36 for a salad and dessert, the meal just wasn’t worth it in my opinion.


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