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Financial Health Check #4

It’s been 5 days since my last FHC. I know I’m posting these way more frequently than is really necessary, but I really just can’t contain my excitement when there’s progress to be shared. Since my last progress update, we’ve paid an additional $262 off, which is NBD to high rollers, I know, but high roller I am not 😦 

The Mr. sold an old coffee machine that was sitting around our basement since one of our tenants moved out and left it here for $55. I also managed to sell one of my old textbooks I had posted on Kijiji for $60 (even though it was now an old edition – yay!!!), and a friend who owed me money from last month’s cottage trip finally paid up.

Slowly, yet surely, we’re finally starting to see a tiny decline in our HELOC graph 🙂

HELOC Sept 16

The difference is also starting to become noticeable on the main graph too, which is always really nice. There was a dip in the Net Worth because a few bills that were due were paid, but I realized that under Liabilities, I wasn’t tracking bills that were outstanding but not yet due, throwing off the Net Worth figure entirely. Assets would appear to be higher when we put money aside for an upcoming bill, but when the bill was paid, since there was no corresponding decrease in Liabilities, this would decrease the Net Worth figure, even though it should have been a net zero transaction.

Sept 16 graph

This oversight on my part would explain the unfortunate pattern of the green line continuously decreasing with the orange line continuously increasing when this didn’t accurately reflect the actual financial situation. Obviously, we are in a much better financial situation today than we were exactly two weeks ago.

There are a few other things lying around our basement that we figure we could post on Kijiji and try to make a few extra bucks off of. At this point, every dollar counts – it’s one extra dollar closer to meeting our impossible super aggressive goal of having the HELOC paid off by end of year!


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