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Financial Health Check #5 – HELLO FOUR DIGIT DEBT!

Today was a lovely day indeed. Not only was the weather great, but it was pay day for me, AND roomie (not the one I mentioned in my light bulb post) paid his rent a day early. Since I had already put aside enough in our savings to cover the bills for the rest of the month, all of it went straight to the HELOC balance. And just like that, we went from 5-digit debt to finally 4-digit debt (although only by $4.50!)!

HELOC Sept 17

We’ve paid down $1,580.75 so far this month and have $9,995.50 to go. With two weddings before year end (both of which I am a bridesmaid for, and both of which I have bridal showers to throw this month) and our upcoming 1 month trip to Asia (mid-December), I know meeting our goal of paying this down before end of year is going to be a real stretch.

balance sheet - sept 17

I am so happy to see some movement in the right direction our Net Worth, Liabilities and HELOCThe only slightly irritating thing is that when I went over to my parents’ house this evening, I saw a bill for our Future Shop loan. I had previously estimated the balance based on bills that were several months old – turns out, I had underestimated the balance 😦 So while the numbers are now more accurate, our Liabilities are also higher. 

Ah well. In any case, we don’t have any upcoming cash flows until our Visa bill is due next Wednesday, so I reckon I won’t be posting another FHC until then … unless we find something to sell over the next few days 😉


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