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Dining Out: Markham Sushi

jiro-dreams-of-sushi-movie-poster-2011-1020744211It’s no secret that I am absolutely addicted to sushi. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it, and my recent discovery of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary on the world’s best sushi master, has done nothing but fan the flames to the max. (I’ll admit – I’ve watched it twice already. I drooled uncontrollably and considered making our next vacation to Japan specifically to visit his restaurant both times. I suppose he does deserve every bit of his 3 star Michelin rating as a little bit of Googling proves I would be far from the first to visit Japan just to eat there!)

So it comes as no surprise that I am constantly looking for my next sushi fix, always looking to try and quench this insatiable craving. Most unfortunately, this addiction of mine doesn’t exactly get along well with my intention to cut way back on spending and eating out. It’s a constant internal battle, a raging war between my resolve to remain frugal and my overwhelming desire for sushi (and no, I am not exaggerating). Sometimes, my will is strong enough to let my mind win, but others, it doesn’t even come close.

Last weekend, I gave in. The Mr. isn’t as much of a fan of sushi as I am (don’t ask how our relationship has lasted this long… I don’t know either!) so I got takeout sushi from Markham Sushi while he ordered fish & chips.

It took me a long time to pick something off their menu, but I finally ordered D1, the Sushi & Roll Dinner, listed at $15.99, which came with 6 pieces California Roll, 8 pieces of nigiri sushi, soup and salad. As a side note, their SR1 Sushi & Roll Combo is also listed at $15.99 and also comes with 6 pieces California Roll, 9 pieces of assorted sushi but no soup or salad.

I asked if I could have a Salmon & Avocado roll instead of a California Roll, which ended up being a reasonable $1 extra.


When I got home, I was pleased to see the tuna and butterfish sushi, not excited about the shrimp and not pleased to see unagi, and surprised to see FOUR pieces of salmon!

I get that salmon is a favourite for many, but a sushi “assortment” made up of 50% salmon isn’t much of an assortment to me. Moreover, I found the fish slices to be on the thinner side, although they were quite long.

The Salmon & Avocado maki were sufficiently satisfying – maybe I should have just ordered a few of those instead.

The soy sauce provided tasted … off to me. Not “off” as in rotten or bad, just different, but not in a good way. The miso soup also seemed a little lackluster but the salad dressing (house ginger dressing I believe) was flavourful if ginger is your thing.

Verdict: At $19.20 and with so many other sushi joints in the GTA, this is a skip for me. The sushi itself wasn’t bad, but the combo lacked variety and just was not a great value.


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