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Year-End Review – 2015

I began tracking our finances in September, a habit I had kept religiously since I was about 16, but had let been unable to keep up with when I had returned to school full time in September 2014. In the year and a half I had been off work for school, we were down to one income and had accumulated $11,576.25 worth of debt on our Home Equity Line of Credit. Yikes!

We had managed to get it down as low as $7,679.37 but ended the year off at $8,703.59, having to borrow to cover some of our expenses while we were on our one month trip to Asia.

2015 heloc

I knew 2 weddings and our trip would put a hamper on our debt repayment plan, but I guess I seriously underestimated by how much. Since I was on contract only, I was unpaid for the 4 weeks we were away, and although I’ve been told they’re bringing me back, I have yet to start work again.

On the bright side, the last quarter of 2015 wasn’t a total disaster; we did see a tiny increase in Net Worth of 0.78%, from $461,643.47 to $466,253.29.

2015 balance sheet

So although our finances didn’t go as well as I had hoped in 2015, at least it was a small step in the right direction.

Here’s to keeping that momentum going in 2016!


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