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Why I shop at Shoppers Drug Mart instead of Walmart (and you should too)

SDMEveryone knows that Shoppers Drug Mart is typically far more expensive than discount chains like Walmart. Yet I will never shop at Walmart unless it’s something Shoppers doesn’t carry. For someone who runs a Personal Finance blog, that might seem pretty counter-intuitive, but hear me out for a second.

In my previous post on why I put every purchase on my Visa, I mentioned collecting points (Aeroplan points, to be precise) as my number 1 point. I also mentioned that although I get 1 point for every dollar I spend, unless it’s a grocery store, gas store or pharmacy, in which case I get 1.5 points. That means I get 50% more Aeroplan points for shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart compared to Walmart!

fructis.jpgObviously, getting 50% more points is nothing to get excited over if I’m overpaying for my merchandise. But the trick is to wait for your items to go on sale at Shoppers, and then stock up enough to last you until the next time it goes on sale.

For example, my shampoo and conditioner of choice (Fructis 750 ml bottles) are regularly $10.99 and $6.99 at Shoppers and Walmart, respectively. But they also regularly go on sale at Shoppers for $4.99 (as it will be starting this weekend!) and $2 cheaper than Walmart really isn’t a bad deal at all.

On top of the 1.5x Aeroplan points, I also collect Shoppers Optimum points, and although I will rarely go out of my way to hit the bonuses since it usually entails spending money I wasn’t planning to, they do accumulate and will help you save even more money in the long run.

As another added bonus, there’s a 24-hour Shoppers pretty close to home which is always great for early morning errands or late night munchies!

So Shoppers = more Aeroplan points + more free stuff from Shoppers + 24-hour convenience + saving money = WIN WIN WIN WIN!

Four other great reasons to shop at Shoppers Drug Mart:

  1. Walmart is pretty notorious for how poorly they treat their employees and for killing local competition. Shopping at Walmart is indirectly supporting those practices.
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart is a Canadian company.
  3. Depending on where you live, there are likely way more Shoppers locations compared to Walmart.
  4. In 2014, Shoppers was acquired by Loblaws, meaning there are now a lot more (and better quality too) food items available!

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