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How the Crash Cash Diet almost failed on Day 2

piggy-bankYesterday, I recapped Day 1 of our Crash Cash Diet and concluded it was a success since I had money leftover in both grocery and household expenses categories and hadn’t touched my $20 of personal spending money.

This morning, I fell asleep to Star Wars (hey, I’m still jet lagged! And Star Wars isn’t exactly my cup of tea…), only to awake to the sound of my husband on the phone inquiring about a 30 lb dumbbell, confirming it was priced at $24 and that he would stop by later this afternoon.

I jolted awake.

Excuse me?!” I screeched the second he hung up the phone.

“What?” he asked innocently.

“Exactly how do you plan on buying a $24 dumbbell when your spending money for the week is only $20?!” I demanded to know.

“Well I’ll just take it out of next week’s budget and only take out $16 instead on Monday!” he said matter-of-factly.

“No way! You can NOT break the budget on Day 2, and for a dumbbell! We’re not spending money before we’ve even earned it. That’s the whole point of this budget! And FYI, ATMs don’t dispense $16! And another FYI, our budget JUST started yesterday, not Monday, so you’re going to have to wait until next Friday before you get your next $20! And whatever happened to the 35 lb dumbbell you just bought anyway?!” I’m sure he knew that ATMs don’t dispense $16 but I just had to poke every hole in his argument so he would see just how absolutely ridiculous he was being.

To be honest, I was tempted to offer to cover the $4 out of my personal spending money, but I didn’t because I wanted us both to learn a bit of self control and to not spend money before we’d even earned it.

“But I neeeeeeeed it!” he whined. “I’lljustfindsomechangearoundthehouse!” he yelled in one breath, jumped off the couch and ran away before I could catch him. I couldn’t help but laugh at this point, because I knew he knew he was just being ridiculous.

“No, you don’t need it, you just want it, and that’s not the same thing.”

He stopped in his tracks, and with a puff, he finally relented and came to terms with the fact that he was not getting his $24 dumbbell.

“Is strong, your will is,” he declared, defeated. Too much Star Wars for that one.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we almost broke the Crash Cash Diet on Day 2.



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