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Save, Splurge or Skip: Cineplex D-BOX


Yesterday evening, the Mr. wanted to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We had been given movie tickets including 2 drinks and a popcorn for Christmas, so I agreed figuring it was a free night out.

However, when he discovered that Star Wars was playing in D-BOX, he decided we just had to try it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, D-BOX tickets get you in to seats that move along to the movie, pretty much the same as any moving theatre you may have tried before.

Now these free tickets entitled us to general admission only, a value of $12.99. He knew I wasn’t really keen on D-BOX, so he offered to pay for the surcharges out of his weekly $20 Personal Spending budget. These D-BOX tickets ended up costing a surcharge of $11 per person, bringing the total ticket price to $23.99. For two, you’re looking at $47.98 in movie tickets alone. (I covered the rest out of my Personal Spending budget, in case you were wondering.)

My first impression was that the seats were much wider than we had been accustomed to, and I think slightly higher off the ground. They were so wide that I could kick my boots off and comfortably cross my legs throughout the entire movie! However, the seats couldn’t be reclined and was a major source of complaints from my husband and our roomie.

The motion in the seats were activated based on which seats were sold, and since these were reserved seatings, you could pick which seats you wanted when you bought the tickets. I always love reserved seating because I hate wasting time in lines trying to get a decent seat – I’d much rather stroll in just in time for the previews, already knowing where I’m going to be sitting. The D-BOX section took up the best seats in the house, right smack dab in the middle. If I’m paying this much for seats, they’d better be the best in the house!

Each seat is equipped with controls allowing you to determine the intensity of the motion or shut it off entirely. I suppose they have to give that option for people who realize they just made a very costly mistake and should have bought normal tickets instead…

When the movie started, it was all very novel, and the motion was perfectly synced with the plot. If a character was startled, well, so was I, because my seat just jumped! If the aircraft was flying through turbulence, well, you guessed it, so were we. Very early on into the movie though, I remembered I always take Gravol before embarking on busses, ships, boats, etc., and got nervous that I’d start to feel motion sickness. Thankfully, I didn’t, and although after awhile, the motion started to get old, I didn’t want to turn it off because I just paid $23.99 for it to be on! For the most part, it felt like a vibrating massage chair for the two and a half hours.

Hmm… massage chairs in movie theatres. Now that’s a great idea!

Final Verdict: Skip!

Unless you really need your seat to vibrate for 2 hours, save yourself the $11 and get normal movie tickets. It’s just not worth the surcharge in my opinion!


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