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What you need to know about Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)


With Singapore acting as our base during our one month trip, we spent a lot of time in and out of the Singapore Changi Airport. In fact, we were there 6 times over the course of the month.

Singapore - A Fine City

Singapore – A Fine City

Unlike the rest of the countries we visited, Singapore is very “first world”, and their airport does one hell of a job leaving you with a great first impression. Singapore is aptly called “The Fine City”, a smart little play on words that alludes to the fact that you had better be careful in Singapore – ignorance is no excuse for noncompliance. Either you follow the rules or you pay the price… literally. So while it’s true that Singapore does not sell gum, you can also rest assured you can walk all over the entire country and not have to worry about gum getting stuck to the bottom of your shoes.

(And in case you were curious, yes, they do have random checks in public toilets to make sure you’ve flushed!)

Unlike most airports, Singapore has no international and domestic terminals because, well, Singapore is too small to need any domestic flights. Having said that though, there are 3 terminals, each with its own shopping and dining options. There’s a free shuttle between terminals so you can explore if you have time to kill before your flight.

For an airport, the dining options are actually quite reasonably priced, and I would suggest going over to the Kopitiam Food Court in the basement of Terminal 2. All the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Mee Rebus, Nasi Lemak you could ever want (and so much more), all in one convenient food court.

Kopitiam is located before security (i.e. it is open to the general public), and word on the street is that locals go to the airport just to eat there. I know I certainly would!

One delightful thing that Singapore Changi offers: free foot massage benches! Staggered throughout the departure lounges are couplets of foot massage machines, so on most of the many occasions we were at the airport, my husband and I just sat side by side, comparing foot massages.

The airport WiFi is great; good signal strength and speed throughout, but you do have to get a code via SMS every time you want to log in, which will cost you unless you have an international texting package or a local sim card.

As one final note: it’s cheaper to take 2 taxis instead of 1 van taxi, which you’ll probably have to wait much longer for, so if you’re in a big group and/or have a lot of luggage, just split yourselves up amongst 2 taxis instead.


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