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Save, Splurge or Skip: Dyson V6 Animal Stick Vacuum

Investment ≠ Buying Stuff

Myn recently wrote a great post on the myth of investing through buying stuff and I couldn’t agree more. I follow a few rich girls on Instagram because I want to see pictures of their homes for decor inspiration. They’ll often post closets full of Louboutins and mention how great of an investment they were. I’m sure us regular people are guilty of the same mistake, just on a smaller scale.

So just to be clear, investment ≠ buying stuff… except in some rare circumstances.

In my case, the best product investment I’ve ever made: The Dyson V6 Animal Stick Vac.


When I first considered buying one, everyone told me I was crazy for spending so much on a stick vacuum. “It’s not even a full-size upright!” they’d say. But I had vacuumed maybe a handful of times in my life for one reason alone: our vacuums have always been so heavy and cumbersome, I’ve always left it for the men to do … which, of course, meant it doesn’t get done as often as I’d like.

But with our Doberman going into his shedding season, I just knew something had to be done.

For me, its main selling features were that it is:

  1. Convertible to a hand vacuum – essentially a 2-in-1
  2. Cordless
  3. Light
  4. Always charged, as it sits in a charger waiting to be used

But the perfect product came at a price – $633.97 CDN to be exact for the bundle on The Shopping Channel.

The bundle came along with a whole bunch of extra tools:

  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool (extremely important)
  • Mini motorized tool (the most important, and essential for car cleaning)
  • Extension hose (which my husband says is very useful)
  • Mattress tool
  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Articulating hard floor tool (which I use on all our non-carpeted areas)

Now although The Shopping Channel is typically more expensive than other stores, I decided to purchase through them because:

  1. I had a $95 gift card I had earned through the Rogers Rewards Program, which was coming to an end.
  2. They offer Easy Pay options – 6 (or more, or less) equal monthly payments on your own credit card. I didn’t have to sign up for their credit card, and could continue to earn points on my own.
  3. If you know a Rogers employee (which I do), they get 25% off any purchase other than those under the Electronics section.
  4. I found a promo code for free shipping, saving me $18.97.

So the purchase which would have cost $737.82 including tax ended up costing us $456.78, a monthly payment of $76.13 – still a handsome sum of money, but still significantly less than it would have otherwise cost. So I hit Confirm Purchase.

While I anxiously waited for my box to arrive, I read all the reviews I could find on it.


It only lasts 20 minutes.

… but it’s pink

It’s converted my wife and she now loves vacuuming!

My parents, who thought my splurge was ridiculous, also voiced their concerns about the 20-minute battery life. It being pink was more of a pro than a con to me, but no way was I going to love vacuuming.

… and boy, was I wrong.

On a typical day, I  now vacuum at least once, and I love seeing how much dirt it’s collected. It’s oddly satisfying, almost like a looking at those pore strips to see how many blackheads you just removed. It lasting only 20 minutes isn’t an issue either – our home is just over 2,000 square feet, and in the rare event that it dies before I’m done vacuuming, I move on to another chore then continue vacuuming later. Even my parents have started saying that even if it had been $1,000, it would have been worth the investment!

Final Verdict: Splurge!

The amount of time, stress and headaches it has saved definitely wins the Dyson Animal Stick Vac the award of Best Product Investment Ever! It has made a non-issue of our Doberman’s shedding and makes light work of even the previously-tedious chores like stairs. It’s so easy to handle, and is a great choice for pet owners, people like me who don’t like lugging heavy vacuums around and fighting with cords, and people with reduced mobility like seniors. If you’re in need of a new vacuum, I seriously recommend looking into this one!


2 thoughts on “Save, Splurge or Skip: Dyson V6 Animal Stick Vacuum

  1. I couldn’t agree more — I actually CHOOSE to vacuum! I hate housework with a passion but I LOVE my Animal. Best house expense in years.


    • SAME!!! When it first arrived, me and my husband actually (pseudo) fought over who got to vacuum first. Now he’s gone back to not vacuuming but I’m okay with that! It’s amazing (in a really gross way) the amount of stuff it picks up… even when you just vacuumed the day before.

      Liked by 1 person

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