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Week 2 of the Crash Cash Diet

crash-dietFriday marked the beginning of Week 2 of our Crash Cash Diet. We had had $5.05 leftover in our Grocery fund from the week before, so we started this week with $65.06.

For our Household fund, even though we were supposed to add another $40, because I had paid for something for my Grandma on my credit card and I wasn’t able to deposit the money, I decided to keep it and then only add $25 this week. Of course, you can’t actually withdraw $25 from the ATM, so I ended up adding only $20 this week, for a starting balance of $55.80.

Mr. U had used up his entire Personal Spending fund last week, and I had $12.35 leftover, so I started the week with $32.35.

I set out to Food Basics to do this week’s groceries. The Sirloin Roasts were on sale for $3.99/lb and I bought a family pack of chicken thighs for $10.07. In total, including fruits, lots of vegetables, yogurt, juice and a $5 splurge on Swiss Cheese (I just couldn’t resist!!!) I spent a total of $54.36, leaving us with a balance of $10.69.

I still haven’t managed to buy rice yet because I can’t seem to find it anywhere for less than $15.

I’m disappointed to say that the Sirloin Roasts didn’t turn out so well this time around. It appears that my thermometer isn’t working well, and I had taken it out of the oven at a bloody medium rare, but made the mistake of covering it with foil to keep it warm until we were ready to eat. It turned into a well done instead 😦

We spent all of the household funds plus some of our personal spending money on a little project that I’ll write about in my next post, leaving me with only $14.80 in my personal fund now.

When I got home, I went through all of the cash-back apps I have on our iPad:

  1. CartSmart
  2. Zweet
  3. Checkout 51
  4. Snap (by Groupon)
  5. Save.ca

and claimed another 25¢ from Zweet for fruits.

Anyone use any other cashback apps (open to Canadians)?




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