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An affordable Friday night date/project

As I mentioned in my Week 2 of the Crash Cash Diet post, we spent all $55.80 of our Household budget, as well as some of our own Personal Spending Money on a little spontaneous project.

stonington gray

Benjamin Moore – Stonington Grey HC170

Friday night, we decided to stop by a couple of paint stores to get some swatches. We love the look of grey on walls (and hate the yellowish builder’s paint we still had). The challenge with grey though is that many shades of grey actually have undertones which may be hard to detect from a swatch. The last thing I wanted to do was paint the entire room then realize we now had bluish (or pinkish or greenish) grey walls.

I have been following Patricia Arruda’s home decor blog on her transformation from a “builder grade” home. I recognized the cheap builder’s paint, but we loved her paint job and how it had completely transformed the space! I just loved how it looked in the photos she posted – no hint of any undertones! Thankfully, she had posted the shade she had used – Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey HC170.

So we set out to Benjamin Moore and took the paint swatch with the Stonington Grey, but when we held it up against other swatches, it seemed to have just the slightest hint of a green undertone. I was disappointed, but also relieved that we noticed it now and not later when it was on our walls.


Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey – middle (left). Dulux Veil – second from top (right).

We took the swatch with us to Sherwin Williams, which I didn’t quite like since their swatches only had individual colours and not a palate so you could see complementary colours.

We finally stopped at a Dulux store. The best thing about Dulux is that their swatches had 7 colours on them! We still had the Benjamin Moore swatch with us so we could gauge how light or dark we wanted to go based on the Stonington Grey swatch.

The swatch we picked up (right) had 7 colours ranging from white to black, so we knew there weren’t any undertones. The colour second from the top (Veil) was a tad darker than the Stonington Grey, but we both like the colour and it was lighter than the other greys on other swatches.

VeilImpulsively, we agreed on buying one can of Dulux Veil paint. We realized that the reason why the paint job didn’t turn out amazing in our bedroom was because Mr. U had used Dollarama paint brushes and rollers (sigh!!! I’m all for saving money, but you need to know when!) so we picked up a proper paintbrush and roller too. Luckily, the paint at Dulux is 25% off if you’re a CAA member (or mention you’re a CAA member!) and they had a 30% off promotion on the paint applicators.

We got home, puttied the walls and taped the trim and ceilings, and got to painting. I spent all of Saturday continuing the paint job with my dad.

thunder grey.JPG

Home Hardware – Simon Chang Thunder Grey

At some point, I had the genius realization that we still had leftover paint from our bedroom job and that it was a darker grey that might work as an accent wall! Mr. U told me to paint the Thunder Grey on our swatch to see if it would go with our colour scheme; miraculously, it seemed to be a perfect match, falling somewhere in between the third and fourth darkest colours (although now that I’ve googled it, apparently it has a warm reddish undertone. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem visible in our living room).

Most unfortunately, we ran out of paint in the last tiny corner. Thankfully, we had thought this may happen so we painted behind where our couches go last so it’ll be covered until we can get more paint. Even with the patch of paint and the second coat still needed, it’s unbelievable what a coat of paint will do to transform the entire feeling of the room!


Dulux Veil (left), Home Hardware Simon Chang Thunder Grey (right) and a patch of Oyster builder’s paint (middle). 

We’re looking forward to next Friday and picking up a can of paint to finish the transformation – will share pictures with you then!


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