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The one time selling stuff doesn’t feel so good

crisscross-16-vase__820323_wHRI had posted a lot of our brand new wedding gifts (sorry…) on Kijiji because they weren’t being used and, well, we really needed the cash. A lot of it was really nice stuff (crystal, gold plated, etc.) that I would have loved to use around the house once it was all done up… but it just didn’t make sense to keep given our debt situation.

This morning, my Grandma showed up on my doorstep, wanting to see our paint job. Then she asked, “So what are all these things you’re selling?” One by one, I showed her the crystal plates and chip and dip, the Waterford crystal frame, the Marquis by Waterford crystal bowl, the Lenox 24k gold-plated vase and the crystal candle holders.

“Okay, I have $100, what can I have?” she asked.

“No,” I told her. “I’m not taking your money.”

But she insisted that she wanted it and wasn’t taking it for free. After she saw the items I thought she might be interested in, she said, “Okay, I have $120 plus that 30 something dollars you were saving for me from before… what can I afford?”

It was futile arguing with her, so I told her to take it all. Then she happily said, “… then when I die, you can take it all back!” I argued that I couldn’t take her money then, but said “Yes. You will.” in the tone that meant she meant business and that she was getting her way.

So when I walked her back home, she opened her purse and decided that she was actually going to give me $140 cash, plus the $36.66 she still had sitting in my secret savings account for her.

Sigh. Never have I felt so guilty actually selling stuff. On the one hand, I’m relieved the items have stayed in the family. I added up all the items I was selling and they were listed at $390, so I know that at least I didn’t rip her off. But still, I feel so guilty taking money from my grandma…

On the bright side, I also sold a mini fridge I had been holding on to for $50 this afternoon. I had listed it for $60 (which my husband knew about), but when the buyer came, he pulled out $50 and said “I’m pretty sure it was $50…” My husband said “okay” and let the guy disappear, fully knowing he was supposed to have sold it for $60.

Sigh. Men…


4 thoughts on “The one time selling stuff doesn’t feel so good

  1. Aw, Grandma! That was so sweet of her!

    I’m gearing up to put my wedding china on EBay. The marriage ended in 2008, so maybe it’s time to let it go? I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some good cash for it because it’s taking up an entire corner of my parents’ basement!

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    • You might be surprised! And if it’s not selling, hold on to it for a few more years and wait for it to come back in style. I saw pictures of my Grandparents’ wedding back in the 60s, and I couldn’t believe how current her dress looked! Sure, it would have needed a few alterations, but the lace overlay is so in right now!

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