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Budgeting for the next two months and wedding gifts

Today, I learned that because I will now be employed directly by the company (as opposed to being employed through an agency), my pay days are now every other week, as opposed to every week.

I really enjoyed being paid every week, but I suppose this will make for a more even cash flow, since the Fridays that I get paid just happen to be the Fridays that the Mr. does not. So I guess technically, we’re still getting paid every week 🙂

I have no idea if what I’ve budgeted for my pay checks is even accurate (I’m just going based on my previous pay checks). Even though I’m still on a one year contract, I don’t know if there will be other deductions I’ll now have to pay.

February 2016

March 2016

I’m also not sure how much I’ll be spending on our Visa now that we’re on our Crash Cash Diet but still using the credit card for some bill payments and gas.

As it stands, we still won’t make our goal of being Financially Stable until March 4, but it appears that if I can make an additional $777.14 appear within the next month, we’ll actually be able to pull that date up to February 29th. And then it’s time to pay off that debt!!!

Now to end with a random question to my readers: What is an appropriate for an engagement dinner party gift? While it is being hosted at a hall, it’s on a Friday evening and it will be a vegetarian dinner (i.e. the dinner won’t cost as much since it won’t have any meat.) I originally mistook the invitation as a wedding celebration so I had originally budgeted for $200, but I’m quite unsure as to how much would be appropriate for an engagement celebration dinner.


2 thoughts on “Budgeting for the next two months and wedding gifts

  1. engagement parties/gifts are tricky. I had to buy an engagement gift once and I mean what do we get for engaged couples? I ended up buying a nice photo frame, not realizing it is more suitable as a wedding gift. Honestly I do not wish to be invited to another engagement party. wishing you a better experience 🙂


    • Where we are, we generally give money unless there’s a registry … but unless it’s a bridal shower, most people don’t even register anymore! This situation is a tad different, since the actual wedding won’t be in Canada. I’ll probably see what my parents think so we all give around the same, but I wish there were better guidelines out there for this kind of thing!

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