Personal Finance

Restoring the faith in humanity

umbrellaA few posts ago, I mentioned that my husband had accepted $10 less from a buyer despite being told the price moments earlier. And despite me telling him of the error immediately, he hesitated until the buyer drove off, triumphant in having successfully ripped me off of $10.

I figured the buyer had realized he had been dealing with me but that I had sent my husband to execute the transaction so he might be able to push his luck and try to get away with paying less – a chance that paid off.

Quite annoyed and frustrated that Mr. U just let $10 drive away so nonchalantly when we were in the money situation that we are in, I more than agreed when he suggested that he deposit $10 from his own stash to compensate.

Still feeling indignant, imagine my surprise when I received the following email shortly after:

Hey [Mrs. Unchained],

I need to apologize, when I went to get cash today I miss read your post and only gave your husband $50. I can drop the rest anytime tomorrow, I’m really sorry. Just let me know what works for you.

I guess there are still good people in the world, and my buyer (and my husband) are but two stellar examples.

Sigh, I need to be more gracious and forgiving…



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