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Week 3 of the Crash Cash Diet

Even though we’d manage to accumulate $10.69 in the grocery budget over the last two weeks, this week proved to be a different story. I ended up spending $66.05 at the grocery store, and that’s not even including rice which we are completely out of now. (My mom has been telling me to just take hers since they hardly eat rice anymore. I’ve finally decided to take her up on her offer because we didn’t really have another choice.)

How did the first two weeks go so well and this week not? Well I had been wanting to try a Mongolian Beef Slow Cooker recipe which obviously calls for beef, which I found on sale for $4.99. (It turned out really really well!! My dad and husband are huge fans, so I will make this the next time beef is on sale.)

I also bought sliced ribeye rolls (the type you’d use for hot pot) to make beef enoki mushroom rolls as our family will be celebrating a Chinese New Year (of sorts) tomorrow evening.


Photo Credot: The Black Peppercorn

Although I will be using a different recipe this time, I certainly intend to try The Black Peppercorn’s version in the near future.

Like the last two weeks, I checked all 5 of my cash back apps (CartSmart, Zweet, Checkout 51, Snap (by Groupon) and Save.ca) and managed to claim 25¢ from Zweet for spending over $60 (yikes!!) and another $1 from Checkout 51 for Natrel milk.

So we officially have $4.40 left in our grocery budget until next week.

With our $40 for our Household budget, we bought another can of paint to finish up that patch we weren’t able to cover as we ran out of paint. So now our dining room is pretty much finished (paint-wise, anyway), but so is our Household budget. Actually, the can of paint ended up costing more than $40 so unfortunately my husband took the money out of the sale from one of our Kijiji items. I would have protested, but we had a family dinner come up last night unexpectedly, for which we had not budgeted. (I know, I know, we need a bit more of a reserve fund instead of spending it all on paint!)

In any case, I still have $31 in my Personal Budget, which will probably be depleted by tomorrow evening, given that it’s our Chinese New Year dinner celebration. Ah well, such is life!


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