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19 Surprising ways your dog can SAVE you money!

dogs save moneyIt may seem completely counter-intuitive that a dog can save you money, especially considering that purebred dogs can cost upwards of $2,000, depending on breed and location. In fact, our Doberman cost $2,486, including tax. (But purebreds from reputable breeders are totally worth it in my opinion).

So how exactly can getting a dog save you money? Here are 19 ways!

1. Gym memberships: Skip the $50/month gym membership and take Max out for a walk.

dog treadmill

source: Giphy

Better yet, take him hiking or jogging or biking. Whatever it is, exercising him means exercise for you, which means not only will you be getting plenty of exercise without the hefty gym fees but you’ll also be in a better physical condition. I play a lot of tag with our pup – not only is this great fun, it’s literally the only time I ever run.

Amount saved: $600/year

2. Personal Training: If you’re one of those people that aren’t disciplined enough to get out there and exercise on your own, you might be tempted to shell out thousands of dollars on a personal trainer. While I don’t doubt the efficacy of personal training (trust me, we have an unusually high proportion of PTs in the family!), an adorable pup’s persistent begging plus his irresistible puppy eyes make it nearly impossible to ignore his plea for play.

GoodLife’s Personal Training packages are $999 for 18 1-hour sessions. If you train 3 times a week, you’ll need 156 sessions, or 8.67 $999 packages. Even when rounding down to 8 packages (I’m sure you’re going to have to take a vacation at some point), we’re still looking at nearly $8,000!

Amount saved: $7992/year

3. Psychologists: Studies (including this one) have shown that dog owners have better mental health when compared to non-dog owners. While this could be attributed to a variety of factors (e.g. exercise, companionship, higher life satisfaction, fulfilled social needs, someone’s undivided attention, etc.), the common factor is a Fido to call your own. And let’s face it, psychologists are expensive, ranging from $150-$200 per hour (depending on where you live) and aren’t nearly as cuddly or cute.

Amount saved: $7,800/year for a one hour session weekly.

4. Lower stress: While bringing a dog home may be a stressful experience, many dog owners report lower stress levels when compared to non-dog owners. Whether the dog has therapeutic benefits, or dog ownership leads to an increase in exercise leading to a reduction in stress or some of both and other factors is still to be determined. What is certain though is that lower stress leads to better health, both physically and mentally, which will result in lower medical bills and fewer sick days.

Amount saved: unquantifiable!

5. Toys and Entertainment: Forget dropping loads of cash on the hottest new tablet so you can YouTube funny videos – you’ve got your own live feed of non-stop cute and impossibly funny entertainment. Check out BuzzFeed for a delightful sampling of what else you can expect.


funny dog


dog gif


Amount saved: unquantifiable!

6. Social obligations: Don’t stay out until last call if you don’t want to – after all, you’ve got a pup at home that you’ve got to let out, and a friend that doesn’t understand your need to protect your most important investment by keeping it accident-free is no friend at all. If you’re leaving early enough that you can drive home sober, you’re also saving taxi or Uber money. Or, better yet, don’t go out at all 😉

Amount saved: ranges widely.

7. Dating websites: If you’ve tried the free ones, you’re probably sick of the creeps that

couple dogs

source: Dogster

seem to flock to you like moths to a light. You could create a profile on a premium site like for $34.99/month … or let your dog do the talking for you. Dogs attract social interaction, and having something in common is an easy icebreaker. Plus, you’ll meet tons of other dog lovers at the dog parks doing what you love with who you love … for free! A subscription costs $34.99 per month.

Amount saved: $419.88

8. Security system: A monitored alarm system can help prevent burglaries, but a guard

attack dog


dog is arguably an even better deterrent. Not only does a ferocious sounding dog alert the neighbours that something’s up, a ferocious-looking dog poses a real physical threat to would-be intruders – a chance they might not be willing to take. My husband did an alarm response gig back in college. Many times, he’d arrive on site to find a devastated wife standing just beyond the shattered front door with the alarms blaring. His opinion is that alarm systems give intruders a small window to get in and get out before security arrives but a guard dog can be that onsite security.


Amount saved: $300/year

9. Better sleep: A dog in the home (or in the bed!) can keep you warm and cozy, while helping you feel safer and more secure, leading to a better quality of sleep. Well-rested people are better able to fight off illnesses which would otherwise result in lost productivity, and will also be in a better mental state.

Amount saved: unquantifiable!

10. Vacations: It’ll be hard booking an extended trip overseas (read: costly) knowing you’ll have to leave Princess at home. You’ll probably end up looking for more pet-friendly (and wallet-friendly) vacation options. In fact, you may completely change how you vacation. For example, for our anniversary last year, we booked a lovely dog-friendly cottage through Air BnB just an hour outside the city. We loved it (and our Doberman loved it) so much, my parents and grandparents ended up booking it a few weeks later! If you haven’t already tried Air BnB, sign up here to get a free travel credit!

Amount saved: varies widely.

11. Fewer hosted parties: Some (or many) of your friends may be allergic or afraid of dogs, or, in our case, just our dog. This has drastically reduced the amount of parties we throw at our place (and cut down the attendees for the ones we do host), which is saving tons of money on food, drink and also clean up time!

Amount saved: varies widely

12. Less money spent on nice stuff: You’ll probably think twice before buying a designer leather couch because you just can’t take the chance that Duke will sink his teeth right into it. You’ll also have a legit reason for not having nicer stuff. It’s a win-win situation!



13. Less furniture: You won’t have to spend as much money furnishing your place because, let’s face it, your dog’s stuff takes up so much of it! Once you add in the crate, his toys, his water and food bowls, you’ve probably saved yourself the cost of a nice new loveseat.

14. Gardening: As I discovered firsthand last year, even DIY landscaping is costly, both in

time and money. But with a dog and all her digging and pottying, you’ll have a valid excuse not to have anything planted – maybe not even grass! Sure, it may not be the prettiest sight, but think of all the money and time you’re saving!

Amount saved: varies widely


15. Healthier kids: Studies (read more here) have shown that kids that grow up around dogs have fewer allergies than kids that don’t. Plus, kids with dogs will be more enticed to be physically active in play, which will help lower the risk of obesity.

Amount saved: Unquantifiable

16. Longevity: Some studies (read more here) have shown that dog owners live longer than non-dog owners. A longer and healthier life means you’ll be able to earn money longer and spend less on medical care!

Amount saved: Priceless!

17. Parenting Trial Run: They say kids change your life forever, but so do dogs. There’s so much that goes into parenting a pup that can be applicable to parenting a human (e.g. discipline, learning theories in psychology, who’s responsible for what, etc.) – fight it out now and save yourself the stress for when the baby comes along and you may be able to save yourself costly marriage counselling fees.

Amount saved: Priceless!

18: Better health overall: Dog owners are healthier and happier, which impacts nearly every other aspect of life in a positive way. You definitely can’t put a price tag on this!

19. Lower heating costs: Save on heating and just snuggle with your BFF! I can definitely tolerate much lower temperatures in the home now, and the pup’s heating (and playing tag) is definitely the cause!

Total amount having a dog can save you in one year:


not including the priceless, unquantifiable and varying amounts!

Have I missed any ways your dog saves you money?


3 thoughts on “19 Surprising ways your dog can SAVE you money!

  1. You are right on target with this post! I was actually surprised at how many of your reasons I found myself nodding in agreement with. I think my favorite is having no need for YouTube if you have a furry companion. We have both dog and a cat and the amount of entertainment they provide us could not be quantified! 😀

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