Debt / Personal Finance

February 10, 2016 Progress Update

2016 Progress UpdatesTonight, I managed to get to the bank before it closed to exchange the $251 US my husband had found yesterday. I probably shouldn’t have calculated the exchange ahead of time because I didn’t factor in their commission rates, so instead of getting the $349 and change I had previously calculated, they originally offered me $340.

The teller then said, “Let me see if I can give you a better rate” without me having asked, and then gave me $344.45 instead. Not too shabby, I suppose 🙂 Even so, our goal to become financially stable still won’t happen until March 4. However, if we manage to find an extra $323.90 before then, we’ll be able to pull that date up to February 29 and then start paying down our debt!

I’m actually pretty confident that we should be able to do it since Mr. U has been working overtime and my budgeting hasn’t factored that in. Plus, I’ve volunteered to work on Monday (Family Day) which is paid at triple time! Of course, my IDs have yet to be activated, so even though they desperately need me to work, I may not be able to, but here’s to hoping anyway!


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