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Week 4 of the Crash Cash Diet

Week 4 Crash Cash DietThis is our 4th week into our Crash Cash Diet. Just to recap, here’s our weekly budgets:

Groceries: $60

Household: $40

Personal Spending Money: $20 each

I have to admit, I’m finding it harder and harder to keep to our $60 grocery budget. I just like eating too well and too much!

Plus, this week, there was so much good stuff on sale! Pork chops, salmon fillets, baby back ribs …

I ended up planning this week’s menu around pork chops, since they were on sale for $1.49/lb. After I got the first chunk from the butcher, I figured since it was so cheap, I should get another one. Then, when it came time to pay the bill, I realized we wouldn’t have anything left for a few other things we needed from Food Basics. Silly me…

But luckily for me, my Grandma had mentioned also wanting some pork chops, so I called her up and asked her if she wanted to buy my second bag off me. Luckily, she did, so with the money I got from her, I went to Food Basics to get the few other essentials we needed.

So our grocery budget has been depleted entirely.

Our pup’s also almost out of food – close enough that it definitely won’t last until next week. Now, we did have a 15% coupon for Global Pet Foods, but his bag of food is $64.99 + tax, so we definitely didn’t have enough in our Household budget for it, nor could we wait until next week. So Mr. Unchained and I had to pay out of our Personal Spending budgets. The great thing about Global Pet Foods though is that they have a Free Food program, where after you buy x amount of bags, you get the next one free. Most fortunately for us, buying this bag of food at 15% off got us another free bag, plus they’re giving away sample bags of Acana food (which I highly recommend!)

So our household budget has also been depleted entirely.

And in my Personal envelope, I’ve got a grand total of $6.05! I had to spend some of it at the grocery store because we didn’t have any money left for yogurt and I’ve been craving since I ran out last week, and since it was on sale, I also got cinnamon rolls as a little Valentine’s Day treat.

I am starting to stockpile quite a few things in the freezer, so hopefully next week, we’ll be much better on our grocery budget.


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