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Canadian Securities Course behind target

studying with book and calculator

Last week, I started focusing on my Canadian Securities Course again. It’s a 2-part course (i.e. 2 exams) which is the prerequisite for any entry-level retail banking position leading up to the end goal positions: the Financial Advisors/Planners positions.

Last week, based on my study plan, I was supposed to have finished chapters 1-3, and this week I should be finishing up chapters 4-5. Alas, I am only 68% done chapter 2 😦 I’m quite a bit behind target but I’m sure a few solid hours will catch me up relatively quickly. It doesn’t help that work has been so busy since Monday that I haven’t had a second to breathe between calls, let alone study!

Today I took the most calls I had ever taken in this position. I don’t anticipate the call volume dying down anytime soon (we just sent out a mailer which is prompting hundreds of calls) but at least now there’s hope of overtime being offered! Work being this busy just means I’ll have to start studying a lot more in the evenings after I get home.

Based on my study plan though, I should be taking my exam NEXT MONTH (Week of Monday, March 14th) so I should probably book that soon. I’m just afraid to book my exam now only to not have enough time to study before then and face the risk of either having to book unpaid time off work to study or go into the exam unprepared and risk failing. Of course, I have yet to fail an exam during my academic career, but I don’t want to make this my first…


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