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Struggling to keep up with the CSC but raking in the overtime!

Yesterday, I vowed to myself I’d start spending my evenings devouring (or not) my Canadian Securities Course textbook. Today, I broke that vow. Already! Yes, I know.

Since I’m carpooling with my brother to work this week, I was an hour early this morning. I didn’t mind, since I had planned to study at work. There’s nothing better to do anyway – all the good sites (including WordPress!) are blocked. Then, it got really busy and I was asked if I’d mind starting 45 minutes early. Nope, I did not 🙂 I’ve got a HELOC balance of pay off!

Near the end of the day, the queues were still incredibly busy, and so overtime was offered for this evening and all day tomorrow and Monday. I didn’t want to stay much later than 6:00 pm (I was scheduled until 5:30 pm) because I hadn’t cooked yet, and by the time I got home and cooked, it’d be super late and I had signed myself up for an 8am to 7pm shift tomorrow.

As luck would have it, my  mom (who lives a few houses down) happened to have way too many leftovers and invited us to finish them up. YES PLEASE!!!

And, now that we’ve confirmed that no, you absolutely do NOT get taxed more by working overtime, (plus I’m focused on our goal of paying off our HELOC balance by year end) I figured I might as well take as much as I can for as long as it’s offered. Who knows if there will be any offered beyond Monday!

This does put a slight dent in my studying plans – it’s way too busy at work to study (hence the overtime) and I’ll be way too tired to study after an 11 hour shift.

In the few minutes I had to spare before I started work this morning, I created a much more appealing-to-the-eye progress tracker. I’m a visual person, so this helps me see how much further I have to go. By the looks it of, it may have been better to think I was progressing along just fine…

Canadian Securities Course Progress

I’ve updated my Goals page with my lovely new tracker. Just a few more pages to go for Chapter 2….


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