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I’ve moved to!

DSCN2875I’ve made the move from this hosted site to a self-hosted site at I’ll still be posting excerpts here but please to pay me a visit!


5 thoughts on “I’ve moved to!

    • It’s been challenging, that’s for sure. I moved a few weeks ago and had been unsure as to what to do with my previous site but I discovered a plugin that will post excerpts for me on it, so I figured I’ll still keep it around since I had more followers on the WP reader. I do like the layout and theme I had better on the WP reader, but it was a struggle remembering how to post again 😉


    • Haha well as I understand, it’s the first step to being able to monetize a blog (e.g. Put Google Adsense.) WordPress has their own ads program but you need I think at least 10k monthly views to get approved, and even then, earnings are literally pennies. There are no restrictions on your site (although I haven’t found a free theme that has the same functionality as my one).

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