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Net Worth Statement – March 31, 2016

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Since the big jump in our Net Worth (increased our house value from $800,000 to $825,000), we’ve seen pretty steady increases (aside from the first of the month, where I add that month’s upcoming expenses as liabilities.)

Balance Sheet - March 31

Our Net Worth for March is $498,303.90 – an increase of $5,779.72 since February’s Net Worth Statement ($492,524.17). I’m pretty pleased with this progress – not only is it moving in the right direction, it’s a pretty significant increase too!

Last month, our income-generating portfolio was worth $56,331.95, which produced a passive income of $19.16. This month, it has increased in value to $57,911.93, producing an income of $21.27! I continue to be very pleased with the performance of this investment thus far.

We’ve seen some real progress in (finally!) getting our Home Equity Line of Credit balance lower, having paid off $2,604.80 over the last month. Our mortgage has gone down ever so slightly by $1,796.76. Since we made 3 mortgage payments in March (each at $1,061.44 for a total of $3,184.32), it means we paid $1,387.56 in interest alone this month. Yikes! We still have $423,327.49 in outstanding liabilities, so that’s definitely something we’ve got to focus on in the upcoming months.

We’re so close to hitting a Net Worth of $500,000 , which I am sure we’ll do by next month!

Related: Net Worth Updates

March 31 Net Worth

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